First Trim

Despite our slow progress in being caught and handled, Jackson needed to have his feet trimmed this week. His front toes were very long and starting to look elf-like and his hind feet had so much heel that he was forced to stand very upright. Anyway, it was just time. 

So Thursday afternoon, I got a halter back on him. He came in a nylon halter, and I am not comfortable turning out in anything that won’t break. I ordered him a little leather foal safety halter and Thursday, I led the big mare down to the barn and he came along. I had spent over an hour trying to catch him in their pasture and he was not having it, so I took him down to the barn to get him in a stall. Once in a smaller area, it took me 2 minutes. 

I was really nervous about his behavior for the farrier. But should have known better because my farrier (Darian Kersey) is amazing with young horses and problem horses. And really awesome at what he does too! Anyway, he took his time and was determined to make this first experience something positive. He said “Sure, we could stick him up against a wall and manhandle him and get this done, but I’d much rather take our time and make this a positive experience so as he grows up, this is no big deal, just part of life”. So we got all 4 feet trimmed and Jackson was not pleased, but was a very good boy. He put up a little fight each time a foot was picked up, but Darian would say “you can have it back when you quit trying to take it back”. Each time Jackson would relax, he’d let him put his foot down. All in all, I was very happy, and so was the farrier. He gave Jackson an A= temperament for being so young and un-handled, but being so tolerant. Through the whole ordeal, he never offered to kick or bite or be in any way aggressive, just wanted to go somewhere else. 

Next week, we start in the round pen 🙂


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