Wild Pony

It’s every little horse girl’s dream to adopt a wild island pony. There are numerous books written to reach the heart of this dream, such as Misty of Chincoteague, and The Black Stallion. That determination to tame a wild horse has made its way into adult literature was well, such as The Horse Whisperer and now I get to be that girl. To say I’m lucky is an understatement.

Jackson is a weanling found wandering a local sea island. He was discovered by a tomato farmer and was lassoed, and then animal control was called to come remove the nuisance. He spent 30 days in quarantine with a foster family, and was then available for adoption. Through luck, timing, and the patience of an incredibly supportive husband, we brought little Jackson home.

He is unhanded, and unsure of his life with humans. He bonded immediately with my 5 year old Thoroughbred mare, Rory (visit  http://loraleisjourney.wordpress.com for more of her story). However, accepting people was more challenging.

He is coming along quick. He will eat out of anyone’s hand, and in a special moment just last Sunday, he decided to trust me. After an hour of “follow the leader” (him being the leader, and me being the fool following a pony around the field) I had some inspiration from my inner natural horsewoman, who said “stop facing him and approaching, you carnivore, turn your back to him and let him meet you!!” and wouldn’t you know it, he walked right up to me and nuzzled my sleeve. He then let me pet him from ears to tail, and down both sides. And just today, I was able to walk right up to him, cup his little head in my hands, and pet him all over again. It’s a long road from accepting touch to becoming a kids riding pony, but we’re off to a great start!

Here’s a picture of Jackson and his sister, Rory.




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